Karl Sluis

Data Visualization,
Product, and Leadership


Find the best place to live with exclusive street and neighborhood metrics. Founder.

Honest Wheels

Choose Your Car with Confidence: helping people find the most reliable rides with better information at a lower price. Designed, researched, and built with Samir Rayani.

Good Books, Great Deals

Popular print books with trusted recommendations at great prices. Designed, researched, and built with Samir Rayani.


Discover the fastest internet available at your new apartment or home. Google Chrome extension. Creator.

Pandora Charts

Delivering Pandora’s top songs, trending artists, and predicted stars to the music industry and Pandora listeners. >5,000 subscribers, over 50% of SAM. Product leader. Research, design, management, go-to-market, editor.

Next Big Sound & Pandora

Core product designer and team leader at early-stage startup, exit to Pandora in 2015. Research, design, management, esprit de corps.


Employee #1 at Quovo, a financial account aggregation service acquired by Plaid, later acquired by Visa. Designer-at-large.


Ask this single-page app what fruits and vegetables are in season. Creator.
Writing & Speaking about Leadership
Communication for Product Leaders; presented at ProductCon NYC 2018 to audience of +2,500 (talk begins at 2:26)
Masters of Product Management Podcast; appeared on Episode 034 to discuss communication and influencing teams
Product Team Context, presented at Product School NYC Meetup (Dec 2017), Product School Webinar (Feb 2018), Product School Meetup (Mar 2018)
Product Management panels, General Assembly, 2015, 2016
Writing about Cities
Writing about Data Visualization
What I Wish I Knew About D3, presented at D3.js Meetup
Writing about Mobility
karl.c.sluis at gmail dot com
Twitter @karlsluis

Karl Sluis 2020
Brooklyn, New York