Karl Sluis

Product Management, Design, and Information Graphics

I’m a product manager with a focus on information visualization, research, and design. I’m based in Brooklyn and work at Pandora Radio. In my spare time, I research and write - lately, about the 80 cities that flipped for Trump in the 2016 election.

You can find me on Twitter at @karlsluis or at karl.c.sluis@gmail.com.

Latest Visualization

Lastest Project

These 80 Cities Flipped for Trump

I researched the 80 cities that flipped for Trump in the 2016 election. Check it out!

Writing and Presenting

Fantastic Thoughts and Where To Find Them

Microdistricts in New York City (Fall 2015, appeared on kottke.org) Favorite books about information graphics (Summer 2015, appeared on kottke.org) Closing keynote at the Manifesto Conference in San Francisco (Fall 2015) D3 tips and tricks presented at NYC D3.js MeetUp (Winter 2016) Product Management panel, General Assembly (2015 & 2016)



Next Big Sound Profile Pages - Led redesign of primary Next Big Sound report: >50% of unique pageviews for +200,000 artists. Drove measurable increase in monthly active users. Read the case study. Pandora Charts - Product manager and lead designer. Led cross-functional team to make measureable impact on artists' careers. whatsinseason.info - serving up fresh fruits and vegetables.

Information Graphics

Noise complaints in Manhattan Microdistricts of New York City (Fall 2015) Remix of Accurat’s visualization of one-hundred twentieth century authors (2015) Scale model of the planet and moon systems of the solar system (2015) Where fruits and vegetables are grown in several states (2014)